Why this new aesthetic clinic is setting the standard in Singapore

Why this new aesthetic clinic is setting the standard in Singapore

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Text: Renée Batchelor

Epion Clinic is not just stylish, it offers an excellent menu of curated and efficacious treatments. Here's why it impressed us

When I first stepped into Epion Clinic, tucked discreetly into a corner unit at Tudor Court in a conservation shophouse, I couldn't help but notice the beautiful decor, a geometric Art Deco dream of black, white and gold curves and lines. Truly one of the most modern and luxurious aesthetic clinics that I have ever stepped in, there is a private and quietly indulgent feel to the clinic. The door is kept locked — you have to be buzzed in by the receptionists —  and the front door doesn't face directly onto the bustling Orchard Road traffic outside, but instead thoughtfully opens to a pillar that blocks you from immediate view — but more on that later. It's clear that Epion puts the 'aesthetic' in aesthetic clinic, and that the patient was always the top consideration when designing this inviting space.

It is unsurprising to find a creative mind behind this endeavour. While Epion was started by founder and medical director Dr Melvin Tan, who has over 10 years of experience in the field of aesthetics and used to practice ophthalmology, the clinic was partly conceived by his wife, Tay Su-Lyn who is the founding partner and director of Violet Oon Inc. Tay was also the founder and co-designer of successful LA-based fashion label T-Bags for 13 years, and her discerning eye certainly came into good use when it came to conceptualising the space which is luxe, but never gaudy. She tells us that Tan always envisaged a clinic in a cosy setting for his one-man practice. "When we were thinking of the decor inside we wanted something that felt luxurious, but not too over-the-top, that also complemented the outside. It's almost like a clinic that mirrors a boutique hotel."

Dr Melvin Tan

Stylish ambience aside, the heart of every good aesthetic clinic is the doctor (or doctors) who consult with you and carry out the treatments, as well as the support staff who help make your experience a pleasant one. Dr Tan is a doctor who is not just experienced, but willing to listen to your concerns and not 'push' treatments on you. He founded Epion to offer treatments that were comfortable, effective and with minimal downtime, achievable through the use of his curated selection of current, inventive and result-oriented technologies and machinery. From my experience trying treatments at Epion — from the non-invasive to those with downtime — I have found him to be easy to talk to, practical-minded and realistic when it comes to skin goals, a good combination for first-timers and those who may have qualms about trying out aesthetic treatments. While he gave a fair assessment of my skin condition, I never felt like he was judging or appraising me critically.

The treatment menu at Epion includes programmes like the Clear Perfect for mild to moderate acne, that combine ultrasonic deep cleansing with LED light therapy and more invasive ones like the the Superb Skin Repair that combines micro laser peels and the ProFractional XC laser to target pigmentation, acne scars and enlarged pores. There are also medi-facials carried out by the staff that combine more pampering aspects with efficacious machinery for better results. All treatments can also be customised according to your needs and a la carte options and body refining and sculpting treatments are also available.

Epion Clinic interior

My first treatment was the Epion Star, a signature facial for lifted skin and more defined contours. The first step is the Sciton Skintye that is carried out by Dr Tan and involves the transmission of deep infared pulses to painlessly tighten skin. If you can't take discomfort but want good results, this is something to consider — there is no pain, just moderate heat. Coupled with the HydraFacial MD, a four-step resurfacing treatment and a soothing 24K gold mask, you'll emerge with a plumped up, radiant complexion. Over the next few days, I noticed more defined contours and firmer, bouncier skin on my face, although a series of treatments are always recommended for the best results.

My second treatment with Dr Tan was the ProFractional XC which I will write about once results are more obvious. It was testament to his manner and the confidence I had in him that I was willing to try out something with some downtime that can be considered quite 'drastic'. The entire process, including the pre-laser preparation and numbing by the staff as well as the post-treatment follow-up was also top-notch. And when I left the clinic with a slightly inflamed face, I was glad for the door that didn't directly open to the street once I emerged. If you're looking for effective treatments, staff who care, and a doctor you can trust, Epion Clinic is a good bet.

Epion Clinic is at 145 Tanglin Road, Tudor Court, 6732-2122