Aesop launches In Two Minds, its first lineup for combination skin

Aesop launches In Two Minds, its first lineup for combination skin

Duo natured

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Battling a T-zone that’s oily but cheeks that are dry? Aesop’s In Two Minds is the answer to combination skin woes

If you did a poll of skin types among Singaporean women, 'combination' is most likely the box that'll get overwhelmingly checked. The tendency to get oily on the T-zone or forehead yet drier around the cheeks, not to mention the recurring problem of enlarged pores that'll inevitably get clogged, is all too familiar a litany of skin issues, no? And this isn't something gender-bias to women. Gents are just as prone to combination skin — you can pretty much credit this to Singapore's scorching and humid climate as the ever-present stressor — and they're on the lookout for a solid, streamlined skincare regime as much as we are. So even if you have a lengthy 12-step skincare routine, it may not be the cure as combination skin has unique, complex needs that require products tailored for its type — and it's not as simple as cocktailing a moisturiser for dry skin with a serum for oily skin.

Why not though? Well, put point blank by Aesop's innovation and research manager Dr Rebecca Watkinson, combination skin has a greater tendency towards reactivity, plus its duo nature makes it difficult to address. She elaborates: "Over the past decade, we have observed an increasing prevalence of combination skin among our customers, particularly in warmer climates, and they were finding it increasingly difficult to manage this challenging and often reactive skin type."

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But having undertaken three years of significant research, Aesop is now tackling combination complexions head on with its latest skincare range, In Two Minds. Comprised of a cleanser, toner, and moisturiser each formulated with a potent blend of botanicals and calming ingredients, this trio works together to actively address your skin's multi-faceted nature instead of targeting a single aspect. Which actually makes all the difference in efficacy when it comes to restoring the skin's balance in the long run; the products can simultaneously control the oiliness of the T-zone while hydrating the drier parts of the face. This is a duo-action not many off-the-shelf skincare products are capable of delivering, FYI.

Swapping out your current routine for In Two Minds means utilising a gentle, gel-based cleanser that does not strip or aggravate skin while removing excess sebum, followed by a toner that contains niacinamide and panthenol — the first one an effective skin-restoring ingredient and the second a form of vitamin B5 known for its moisturising properties. The moisturiser similarly provides nourishment and hydration meant for combination skin, made with oils of andiroba, copaiba and acai fruits to soothe irritation and provide lightweight moisturisation without overburdening or upsetting your complexion's delicate balance. Could we have finally found the skincare holy trinity for combination skin? Signs point to yes.

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In Two Minds is available at Aesop stores, select department store counters and Aesop Online from April 4, $43 - $80