International Women’s Day: 5 killer nail looks that celebrate new age womanhood

International Women’s Day: 5 killer nail looks that celebrate new age womanhood

Fight tooth and nail

Text: Emily Heng

Image: @paintboxnails| Instagram
Image: Instagram | @nailsbymei

With everything from cows to candy hearts adorning nails in 2019, it seems that the possibilities are truly endless where nail art is concerned. This, however, brings to mind the question: how can you up your paw game this season, especially when everything from glitter-lined nail beds to literal nail guards aren't off the table? Easy: by going for designs that serve to make a political statement.

It is a good time as any to try it, with International Women's Day just upon the horizon. After all, how better to flaunt your advocacy for women's rights than by decking out your nails? Stereotypes be damned. Below, killer feminist looks we gathered to celebrate this new age of womanhood. Sharpen your talons, ladies — these looks are bold AF. 

1. Thank u, next 
Ariana Grande's feminist anthem preaching self-love — accompanied by her music video which pays homage to the best chick flicks of all time— makes for one powerful proclamation. Wiggle them at folks who bring up the need for a men's rights movement. 



2. Free the nipple
Nothing serves as a better reminder that men can go jogging topless whilst our nips are flagged as graphic content on Facebook. Double standards, yuck.



3. Women's rights
What demonstrates the solidarity, unity and strength amongst women better than a clenched fist with flames, really? 



4. Classic with a twist
If the hues used in classic French manicures are more your speed, go for an updated version that is both empowering and stylish.



5. Flip 'em off
You know what they say — if you can’t pierce through the misogyny with your pointed words, your fingers (especially the middle one) speak a universal language. In this case, you have... four to tell them to shove off with.