5 facial mists to refresh the skin during F1 season

5 facial mists to refresh the skin during F1 season

Ready, get set, spritz

Text: Renée Batchelor

Let's get real — it's going to be hot come F1 season in September. Here are the mists that will soothe, hydrate and pamper your face, even if the rest of you is dying inside

What is your essential packing for the upcoming F1 races? We've already let you know the makeup essentials you need and the music acts you need to catch. And for sure you have to dress smart and stylish, but also practically — a sexy outfit may or may not withstand the heat, packed stands and multiple stairs. But the one item that will be truly indispensable is a good facial mist. Whether you want one with a beautiful scent, vitamin-enriched formula or skincare benefits, here are our curated selection of face mists.

They don't call her the Material Girl for nothing. Madonna's luxurious MDNA Skin uses only the best ingredients and this gorgeously scented rose mist is no exception. Spray this on an be instantly transported away from the sweaty masses and into a garden of Eden. The fact that it looks like some alien object stolen from Thanos only adds to its appeal. 
Try: MDNA Skin The Rose Mist 

MDNA The Rose Mist

Want a mist that is literally packed with all the vitamins you need to for skin health and vitality? This is an upgrade from the usual mists thanks to the ultra-fine flow and antioxidant-rich formula. This will not only refresh skin, but leave you with a dewy glow, plus the energising citrus scent will have you revved up for the races.
Try: Fresh Vitamin Nectar Antioxidant Glow Water
Fresh product 

Want a mist that not only offers refreshment but actually works on your skin? Thanks to the peptides in the formula, this enforces muscle memory, keeping skin lifted and supple. This highly-potent mist from homegrown brand Jyunka can be used anytime in the day you need a hit, or want to look your best.
Try: Jyunka Ultra Peptide Lifting Essence Mist, $178 

Jyunka Peptide Mist

Feeling tired? We hear you. But you don't want to look tired do you? Or exhausted or partied out? Great for lazy mornings and and anytime in between, this Pixi Beauty Skintreats mist is made with soothing orange blossom and oil-balancing grapefruit peel oil, so it literally balances your skin. It even contains arginine (to help in collagen production) thrown in for good measure.
Try: Pixi Beauty Skintreats Vitamin Wakeup Mist

Pixi Beauty Mist

Okay, so not everyone wants to tote around a glass bottle like this. But we love Sulwhasoo's premium First Care Activating Mist because every spritz gives you the benefits of a dose of skin-enriching serum. And because this range is all about skin balance, you'll also end up with well-moisturised, healthy-looking and radiant skin after — makeup not necessary.
Try: Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum Mist, from $58 

Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Mist