5 candles that are almost too pretty to burn

5 candles that are almost too pretty to burn

Eternal flame

Text: Renée Batchelor

Want a candle that is both a decorative statement and a source of delightful scents? You won't have to choose with these beautiful options

We've all been there. Buying something just because it looks good with no heed to its actual purpose. From leather-bound books that sit pretty on your shelves to makeup limited editions that remain unopened on your dresser, pursuing pretty can result in a few white elephants in your stable. You won't have to worry about that when you buy these candles. Sure they're a great home decor item, but they also smell pretty good. Light them up for a dinner party or a day when you just want to feel extra decadent. Can't bring yourself to burn them? They can also be used to scent your wardrobe, although like all good things, these babies don't last forever, with most candles losing their scent within a few years.

The restrained botanical etchings on this sparsely-patterned candle from Carrière Frères reflects the main scent ingredient. This one is based on cedar — so expect a crisp, clean scent from this storied waxmaker.
Carriere Freres  in Cedar 
This resurrected French apothecary brand, Buly 1803, creates candles that are elaborate yet tasteful — think a carved marble vessel with a glass dome — and will certainly make a statement. This one, Retour d'Egypte, is meant to recapture the smell of Egyptian ruins with notes of bergamot, pink berries, nutmeg, amber and vanilla. 

Buly 1803 Retour d'Egypte Scented Candle, US$165

The cheeky and cheery candles from Australian brand Damselfly might be your thing. While some of its messages can get pretty sassy, we think this one is the signature Grace scent is the perfect mix of positivity and sweetness that will set your room alight.

Damselfly candle in Grace, $80

People in the know love Cire Trudon — the very definition of little luxuries. In one of three new scents — this one Maduraï is centred around Indian Jasmine — this royal blue candle with the signature gold insignia is eye-catching in all the right ways.

Cire Trudon in Maduraï, $150

If you love lush florals, great design and that touch of humour, Fornasetti's candles are like little works of art you should invest in. The jumbo version of Ortenisa not only will be a great centrepiece in your home, it will scent your abode with a fresh, floral, white bouquet.

Fornasetti  Profumi Ortensia Candle in Jumbo size, $580