5 beauty launches in April that knocked our socks off: Hermès, Nars, Jeffree Star, etc

5 beauty launches in April that knocked our socks off: Hermès, Nars, Jeffree Star, etc

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Text: Emily Heng

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This month, the beauty world has gone full throttle with a deluge of news that has overwhelmed even the most attentive of observers. For those out of the loop, a highlights reel: buzzed-about brands dropped newfangled formulas like no tomorrow (hello, butter cleansers), millions were lost via a burgled warehouse (our condolences, Jeffree), and hotly anticipated releases from our favourite brands finally hit the shelves — some of which impressed, and some of which... Didn't. Below, the ones that met our rigorous standards and earned a coveted spot on our vanities; heck, we're building 'em an altar as we speak.  

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation
Available in 40 hues this month, the light, breathable formula proves ideal for Singapore's climate, delivering on a natural finish that weighs nothing on skin. Smaller imperfections are effortlessly concealed, with the brightening formula adding a healthy sheen to even the most sleep-deprived, I-can't-even complexions. Our only complaint? The lack of a pump, which makes for a messy application every time.


Sephora Collection Original Rouge Matte Lipstick
Boasting all-new packaging and an expanded palette of shades, the Sephora Rouge Matte Lipstick stays on for hours on end with no cracking or flaking problems. And though the pigmented formula is the furthest from subtle (as it should be!), it can be applied sparingly for a natural, just-bitten finish. All we see are wins.


Jeffree Star
Magic Star Concealer
No amount of controversy (so far) can mask the sheer star power of Jeffree Star's latest launch. These creamy concealers have been making waves for their high-coverage and long-wear abilities, as they hide everything from tattoos (!) to all your life mistakes (kidding). As with most Jeffree Star products, make sure to blend Magic Star immediately upon setting it on your face — it comes with a self-setting effect to ensure that finishing sprays aren't need to lock makeup in place, which makes patchy application ultra discernable.


Elizabeth Arden
Prevage Progressive Renewal Treatment
A godsend for sensitive skin types, Elizabeth Arden's latest four-week treatment resurfaces and reinvigorates complexions — without causing any redness and or swelling typically associated with harsher peel procedures. How it works: each capsule, made for a week's worth of application, contains a serum with stronger potency of AHA than the last, to ease the skin into a new routine leading to brighter, smoother complexion. Sustained use is required for effects to kick in, so be diligent!


Hermès Un Jardin sur La Lagune perfume
As our track record shows, our admiration for this fragrance knows no bounds. Bursting with the best flavours of nature — sky, flowers, and sea — this scent by Hermès conveys sweet, tart and woody notes that dance in the air. Such versatility may be too high a bar for most fragrances to meet; but this is Hermès we're talking about. 10/10.


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