13 gorgeous men on Instagram rocking makeup and owning it because it’s 2019

13 gorgeous men on Instagram rocking makeup and owning it because it’s 2019


Text: Angelyn Kwek Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @jordvnhaus
Image: Instagram | @bretmanrock

To quote a certain cosmetics house, makeup is meant for 'all ages, all races, all genders'. And rightly so in today's inclusive age of same-sex marriages, Pride Week, and Pink Dot campaigns. After all, if a woman can wear a tux and pull it off better than most men, then conversely, why can't men rock makeup and own it? Straight, queer, drag, and everyone in between, here are the "beauty boys" proudly embracing cosmetics on Instagram with their immense talent, getting recognised for their work, and breaking gender barriers while they're at it.

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If you haven't heard of Wayne Goss, you need a timeout in the beauty shame corner. From makeup tutorials to product reviews, the talented Aussie MUA does it all. Plus, he never dissembles and listening to his voice can make a shitty day better.



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For OTT inspiration, Puerto Rican-born and California-based M.A.C Cosmetics artist Carlos Gonzalez is your man. His feed is a smorgasbord of #FOTDs to see you through every party or fancy-dress occasion.



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Skyrocketing to fame after being caught in the background of a news telecast dancing to Gaga's Applause, Brendan Jordan is a face to watch in the makeup scene. He's already won the attention of Gaga herself (who tweeted her admiration of his dance moves) as well as drag queens RuPaul and Pandora Boxx, so we're expecting to see more of him soon. 



[email protected]__kei

A big proponent of Visual Kei (please Google if your understanding of Japanese sub-culture is a bit lacking), this ridiculously pretty boy doesn't just look better than most girls, he totally killed it cosplaying the titular character of Final Fantasy XIII. Oh, and he's a supporter of banning tiger trade too.



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He scored a spot in RuPaul's Drag Race, and then he scored a makeup tutorial episode for Vogue's Beauty Secrets series. This one is going places.



[email protected]_xel

A self-taught makeup artist who loves beauty as much as he loves his partner, his two children, animals, WWE, and action figure collecting, we could all take a page or two here on how to makeup and live your best life.



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The 14-year-old Welsh singer rocks a contour like no other, and has amassed 314k followers in the short time he's stepped out into the spotlight. What an overachiever. 



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He rocks a fab beard, and his winged eyeliner is so sharp it can cut you. From sculpted contours and a glow to die for to some serious lash power, Aiden slays every look.



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We could stay entertained just by his unapologetic, in-your-face personality but Bretman Rock's got jazz to go with his sass. Amidst hilarious video clips and snarky captions, you'll find makeup looks that range anywhere from my-face-but-better to full-out glitter and glow.



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Holy fork, this kid must have been born with a silver makeup brush in his hand. At just 10-years-young, his passion, talent, and creativity has produced cray gorgeous #FOTDs you would expect from a seasoned pro. Did we mention he's only 10



11. @ryanbpotter

Known for his penchant for colour — and his love for blush — Ryan rocks some seriously bold makeup looks that has earned him endorsements from big name brands such as NYX Cosmetics and E.l.f. At 70,000 subscribers (and counting) on YouTube, we foresee big things for this kid. 


12. @kazueeee

Reppin' Singapore? Johnstan Kazue. Specialising in K-Beauty and J-Beauty makeup looks, Kazue also has a growing YouTube channel from which he dispenses his skincare and makeup expertise.  


13. @edweird0

One of Korea's top influencers, Edward Avila, is the one to turn to when it comes to all things beauty and booty related (his words, not ours). His ever-changing hair hues — alongside his ability to rock them unflinchingly — remains a source of envy.



14. @miument

We stumbled upon the highly talented 20-year-old while trawling Instagram and were floored by his impeccable liner and rainbow shadow. Keep slayin', queen.