Every fortnight, fashion and beauty editor Jolene Khor, makeup artist Fiona Bennett, hair guru Christian Maranion, and beauty connoisseur Monica Saranya Selva De Roy — collectively known as The Clubbers — test drive the latest (and with hopes, the greatest) makeup, skincare, hair care, fragrance, bath and body drops to land in Singapore. Tools and brushes too. You get the idea. To buy in bulk or to take a hard pass? We give you the 411 so you never have to second-guess again.
Introducing The Clubbers...
a.k.a. the people who will never lie to you, the beauty enablers you never thought you'd have, the voices of reason you need when logic goes out the window on payday, and when Sephora goes on sale.
Jolene Khor
Beauty Editor of Buro. Singapore
The fashion and beauty editor at Buro. Singapore swiped on her first glitter lip gloss at age 12 and have never looked back since — except the rare (only not so rare) occasions when she wants to feel better about her makeup skills as an adult. That kohl eyeliner look wasn't working out despite the fact that she was listening to The Cure and quoting Oscar Wilde. Her mother is thankful that K-beauty happened though that means her glow isn't just genetic. These days, her worst crimes are knocking out with full makeup on and forgetting to apply sunscreen on her neck. Old habits die hard.
Christian Maranion
Hair Specialist & Makeup Artist
Nine years. That's how long Christian Maranion has been in the hair game. Having honed his craft, he then began dabbling in makeup, finding equal joy in killing it at both. He has worked with the likes of Vanessa Fernandez aka Vandetta, Tabitha Nauser, and Charlie Lim. He also frequently collaborates with names such as Sephora, Elizabeth Arden, and Kat Von D to up their beauty game. Don't be fooled by appearances — though he may love dark humour and even darker outfits, he is a pocketful of sunshine.
Fiona Bennett
Makeup Artist & Hairstylist
Fiona Bennett is a makeup artist and hairstylist by profession, and a wife, mother, and part-time Kardashian expert when she's not hustling. Hailing from Australia, she reluctantly came to Singapore with her husband almost six years ago but she's grown to love it so much she wouldn't want to be anywhere else. She began her journey (sometimes by force) pinning her friends down to make them up before going out — only now she gets paid for it! You might find the self-proclaimed beauty-obsessed Fiona snapping up the latest products in the department stores on weekends. You name it, she has probably tried it.
Monica Selva De Roy
Henna & Makeup Artist
Monica doesn't have enough heads for the hats she wants to wear. When the sun's out, she's selling ultra cool tech that makes logistics look sexier than ever. Then, she slaps on some face cake to moonlight as an actress on Vasantham; from nasty stepmother to varsity mean girl, she's seen them all in the realm of antagonism. Oh, her makeup and henna businesses keep her busy during the weekends too. Amidst all this, she's finding time to test and review makeup — if that's not true love, what is?
In the spotlight this week:
Urban Decay Perversion Waterproof Mascara

There's only one good kind of Perversion, and it came from Urban Decay five years ago. People like to say 'don't fix it if it ain't broken'. We say the OG Urban Decay Perversion mascara works just fine if you don't fancy a spontaneous dip here and a butt-busting bootcamp there. The 2019 update of the long-loved formula allows just that and more… or so it claims. On top of being water-proof, smudge-proof and blacker than black, Perversion Waterproof promises to lengthen and volumise lashes "from pool party to after party". The good folks at the UD lab also added proteins, amino acids and honey extract to aid growth and tickle hair follicles for fuller, healthier lashes. My, my.
Our thoughts
Oh So Stubborn
I applied two coats of the Urban Decay Perversion Waterproof Mascara at 6am ­— right before my daily workout, to put it through the ultimate test. I was certain a 40-minute cardio session was going to push the waterproof formula to its limits… and boy was I right. I was in a hurry after class, so I forgot I was wearing any mascara even when I caught a quick glance at myself in the mirror on the way to the shower. Ergo, I washed my face with my regular face wash as per usual. Only when I was going through my skincare routine did I notice the tiny black flecks in the outer corners of my eyes — few and small enough to almost miss, but large enough for a perfectionist to spot. It was then that I realised I was indeed wearing mascara, most of which had miraculously stayed on despite the fact that I scrubbed my face with foamy soap. What sorcery! Unsurprisingly, the mascara didn't move a smidge when I finally used it properly. My lashes looked fuller and longer, certainly curlier too but only when I subjected them to a heated curler from Sasa. Go. Buy. This.

Jolene Khor
Exceeds Expectations
The bristles on the Urban Decay Perversion Waterproof Mascara wand are very fluffy, but the applicator itself could be a bit too large for smaller eyes. The consistency is not too wet, which allows it to dry quite quickly, preventing messes and mishaps when blinking. The pigment is very dark and coats the lashes very easily with one application. It does not clump and continues to apply well with more coats, though I stopped on my third swipe. While I don't think it thickens the lashes as much as other mascaras, it does lengthen them quite prominently. It only slightly lifts the lashes, so those that are very straight and point downwards would require curling before application for maximum effect. As for its waterproof claim, the formula is extremely sturdy and resistant, and will not bleed or smudge in the most direct water pressure, such as in a shower or in the most vigorous of activities. Overall, the formula exceeded my expectations in terms of performance and durability.

Christian Maranion

A True Black
Lashes. Amazing what these tiny little hairs can do to make you look fresh and awake! Which is why having great lashes is so important in any makeup routine. The Urban Decay Perversion Waterproof Mascara does exactly what it says it does — it makes your lashes look fat and long. Oh and it's definitely waterproof. Big tick! It is a true black black, not a grey black like most other mascaras. However, be careful not to apply too many coats because it will start to look clumpy; keep it to only two to three coats max! I love the fluffy brush, which can grab even the teeniest of lashes. One hundred per cent, it will last all day, even through a sweaty Singapore day.

Fiona Bennett

Going for the Chunk
If wispy lashes are your thing, you're going to love this! The slim wand and fine bristles pick up just the right amount of product that won't leave your lashes looking clumpy. The Urban Decay Perversion Waterproof Mascara is jet black and really opens up the eyes, making them vibrant. However, I crave for a different look. Personally, I like my feathery babies natural but full and thick. This requires a more substantial wand that has a narrow tip and end, but a fatter middle; the kind of bristles that will deliver a volumising effect (as opposed to separated and wispy) are criss-crossed as well. The Urban Decay Perversion Waterproof mascara is also not as buildable as I'd like for it to be, but that's rather typical of most waterproof mascaras. Essentially, it does what it promises to — it's ultra waterproof, super dark and beautifully lengthening.

Monica Selva De Roy
Urban Decay Perversion Waterproof Mascara is available online, at all Sephora stores,
and the Urban Decay store at Ngee Ann City B1-32.