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In the spotlight this week:
Foreo UFO Smart Mask Treatment

If the slew of cutting-edge gadgets flooding the beauty market proves anything, it is that the future is here. Or at the very least, rapidly advancing upon us. From nifty wearables to bespoke skincare, the industry is barreling ahead at the speed of light (ha) to transform our routines for the better. Case in point: Foreo's UFO Smart Mask Treatment, an intuitive (and hella indulgent, at $408) facial device to revolutionise the masking experience as we know it. There are two main components to this bad boy — the mini round sheet masks and the gizmo itself. On the former, Foreo provides an array of Korean formulations (sold separately) that address a variety of skincare needs, from hydration to illumination. The latter houses advanced dermal technologies which dispense emitting pulsations as well as warming/cooling sensations to up mask efficacy, all controlled and guided through the Foreo app. That's not all — this multi-functional powerhouse also delivers LED Light Therapy, so red, green, and blue LED wavelengths eradicate skin woes such as acne, inflammation, and more. In short, this top-of-the-shelf, all-in-one gadget is here to pamper the heck out of your skin... or so it claims. Stud or dud? The Buro. Beauty Club finds out.
On Repeat
Anybody who knows me knows I love good tech. Wireless charging? Aww yeah. Flat TV screens that roll up from a sleek box? Talk dirty to me, why don'tcha? So when wind of Foreo's latest device with LED capabilities hit me in the face, I was ready. Called UFO Smart Mask Treatment, I first tried it after sundown because I usually only mask at night. (Early morning rescue missions when I jolt up to slept-in makeup don't count!) So here's the thing — give this device the respect it deserves as a piece of technology… which is my way of saying "user-friendly as it is, read the instructions" if you don't want to mess up. Each session with the Call It a Night mask is only 90-seconds long. Strange, seeing that there's enough serum on the little round sheets for about three sessions, maybe four. Not big on wasting good skincare, I repeated the treatment, again and again. With the red LED light on, I found the heat relaxing and the pulsation soothing. I have to say, considering how little time I spent giving myself a facial (as compared to a full-on sesh at the spa), I was incredibly pleased by the results: bouncy, energised skin, like the long day I had didn't really happen. My skin was a smooth operator the next day too — so smooth I almost forwent foundation primer. Almost. I enjoyed my Foreo experience so much I switched it on again that night, opting for H2Overdose this time. This mask activated the green LED light to fight discolouration, after the acne-busting reds went off. Just as the name suggests, I got a heavy boost of hydration as evidenced by my plump cheeks. My skin was super soft to touch, though any improvement in skin tone evenness is for us to see. 4/5.

Jolene Khor

Always Be My Maybe
When I first read about the Foreo UFO Smart Mask Treatment, I was extremely skeptical. How good could it be? There's nothing wrong with a good old sheet mask. And after shelling out a hefty price of the device we have to pop in $2 per sheet mask? Woah! Because Foreo doesn't recommend using other brands of sheet masks (they don't know how it may react to the UFO heat, which is fair) that means cutting cost isn't really possible. So... 90 seconds for a face mask? Let's go! I have to say, the more I used it, the more I liked it. It was interesting that the sheet mask goes on the device, not on my face, and for the first time I didn't look like a zombie with my skin peeling off my face the way I would if I was using a traditional sheet mask. Though every session is 90 seconds, users are able to repeat the treatment if they wish. Tip: there's enough product on the sheet mask for about four rounds of light therapy, so I went for it. After the treatment, my skin was left plump and hydrated. It could very well be my imagination, but I noticed my skin felt tighter and the fine little lines around my eyes disappeared! The mask created a great base for makeup, as it stopped foundations from looking cakey and dry. The verdict? Still a little wary. Should you go out and buy one? If you have money for it, do it! If you don't... save those pennies for something that feels like a sure-win.

Fiona Bennett

For Big Spenders
The Foreo UFO device is a smart, techy approach to skincare. A mini spa session in my hands if you will. It's perfect for someone like me who is busy and on-the-go. The light technology primed my skin for better absorption of their customised masks that accompany the device, plus the app was informative in guiding me through the entire process. Connecting the device was easy enough but having to scan the barcode could be unnecessary as it's only purpose was for the app to tell you the benefits of the mask you were using. Application was soothing, though I found the shape of device to be cumbersome — it isn't quite made for the contours of the face.

As for the sheet mask, the thick serum was almost completely absorbed by my skin, with almost no residual product left after the session. The implementation of LED tech has really improved the efficacy of the whole masking process and I love that I can now get all the benefits of LED therapy (red and blue lights kill acne-causing bacteria with minimal side effects) without the fuss of a massive or complicated machine. It's worth mentioning that LED provides modest benefits and must be used long-term to see results. Overall, the Foreo UFO is a fun gadget to use and it's a great addition to my routine, but at over $400, it's way too expensive.

Christian Maranion

Completely Obsessed
I absolutely love when technology revolutionises industries we never imagined it could penetrate, and Foreo takes this to the next level with its UFO Smart Mask. It is indeed smart — the mobile app that accompanies the device recognises the circular sheet masks with a quick scan of the barcode printed at the back of individual masks' packaging. The app also guides you through the 90-second treatment, which is extremely calming.

While the round UFO struggles to cover every little nook of the face (e.g. the nose), the formulas of the sheet masks are a big hit! H2O Overdose lives up to its name — it leaves your skin feeling extremely hydrated. And as for the night masks, Foreo's are my absolute favourite! Call It a Night gave me plump, jolly good skin the next morning. The day mask, Make My Day however, built a slightly oily layer over time, and I can't take that face to work.

You're bound to experience some product wastage while trying to figure out the mechanics of the device the first couple of times. The sheet masks require the user to adopt their own techniques when placing the sheet on the device, locking it in place and then squeezing out the rest of the liquid on the device before taking it to your skin. It's an Apple product when it comes to user-friendliness: sleek, but refer to manual for directions.

The bulk of the money you're spending on this device is justified with the experience. The technology of the device works seamlessly with the app on the mobile; the steps to complete the treatment are on an advanced level that tech-savvy consumers will enjoy; the luxury of having a sped up, home-based version of a facial is something I totally bought into.

Monica Selva De Roy
Foreo UFO Smart Mask Treatment is available at Sephora, Tangs at Tang Plaza, and online at
Sephora, Tangs, Zalora, and Lazada.
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