The Métiers d'Art Fabuleux Ornements collection first launched by Vacheron Constantin two years ago is a manifesto that underscores an alliance of the world. By immortalising traditional craft of diverse cultures — the decadence of Ottoman art, intricacies of French guipure lace, vibrance of Chinese needlework, and storytelling of Indian manuscript — the beauty of ethnic uniqueness has been captured in four new 18-carat gold and pink gold timepieces.

Enlisting the creative minds of 10 different artisans to reinterprete the inspirations, each hand-engraved, svelte masterpiece with a 31 hour power reserve celebrates diversity with dials decorated in brilliant gemstones and precious stones. Scarlet sapphires and round-cut diamonds play up feminine French lace, while timeless pearls pare back ornamental Ottoman artwork. Calming jade and rich Grand Feu champlevé enamelling, embody the essence of Chinese and Indian history and tradition. 

Métiers D'Art Fabuleux Ornements in Ottoman architecture

The Fabuleux Ornements collection also features a transparent sapphire crystal caseback that allows you to watch time in motion and appreciate the movement of the calibre that's an artwork in its own right. Unlike the elaborate dial that is a wonder for the world to admire, the discrete charm of its underside will be your very own well-kept secret. 

The Métiers d'Art Fabuleux Ornements collection is available at Vacheron Constantin boutiques.