Things got complicated in 2015 with Vacheron Constantin's release of the Aterlier Cabinotiers Refererence 57260, AKA the Superwatch. Writing history with a singular timepiece that housed a whopping total of 57 complications, the watchmaker has set itself on a journey to reproduce its coup in bite-sized pieces.

Enter the Maître Cabinotier armillary tourbillon: A curious, coal-black masterpiece touched by the very same three doyens of watchmaking that birthed the Reference 57260. Bearing two of the Superwatch's complications — the armillary tourbillon and double retrograde indication — in a 45.7mm white gold case, it's a 65 hour power reserve timepiece that ultimately has no problems holding its own. 

Vacheron Constantin breaks down its most complicated watch ever

The Maître Cabinotier was uniquely constructed to allow its wearer to appreciate the complications it bears — observe the retrograde hours and minutes by way of instant flyback, with the hands springing back to zero at incredible speed. A crystal dome positioned at 9 o'clock puts the entrancing armillary tourbillon's motion in perspective, allowing you to witness its rotation, undisturbed upon two axes. While the Reference 57260 was a one-off triumph, the Maître Cabinotier is a slice of history that you can actually call your own.

This timepiece is marked by 'Pièce Unique' on its caseback.