Slithering onto the haute horlogerie scene is a reptilian revolution that demands equal measures of respect and awe. This fiercely feral individual is the one and only Ulysse Nardin Royal Python Skeleton Tourbillon. Like its namesake, the watch evokes a dangerous appeal that fascinates and mesmerises all who cast their eyes upon it.

The fatal attraction lies within its transparent form that imagines its inner mechanisms into a body of art. Slashed with trimmings of python skin over a maze of intricate metallic movements, the negative spaces of the skeleton tourbillon intertwines with the wearer for a symbiosis echoing the relationship between man and wild.

At once complex yet compacted, this serpentine magnificence exceeds all its previous models with silicium technology and a flying tourbillon created entirely in-house. Constructed with a silicium spring balance, anchor and escapement wheel, the watch's artistic dynamic is catapulted even further with its ruby-dotted bridges finished by hand painting — a display of Ulysse Nardin's unparalleled métiers d'art.

Coiling around the wrist with snakeskin straps, this uninhibited timepiece is as lush as the jungle from whence it draws its beauty. Never before has a luxury chronometre merged cutting edge skeleton design with such daring animalistic style. The Ulysse Nardin Royal Python Skeleton Tourbillon is meant for the free and fearless.

Ulysses Nardin Royal Python Skeleton Tourbillon

The Royal Python Skeleton Tourbillon is available at The Hour Glass. Limited edition issue of 18 pieces.