First launched in 2009, Tiffany Keys collection has been an integral part of the jewellery house's stable ever since. This year's collection introduces two new designs and features international model Liu Wen as the face of the campaign. 

Liu Wen for the Tiffany Keys Campaign

Liu Wen's intense gaze is matched by the glamour and brilliance of the diamonds embalzoned on the Tiffany Keys. Her rise in the fashion industry from humble beginnings, embodies the optimistic and adventurous spirit and strength that the collection represents.

Tiffany Victoria key pendant in platinum with diamonds

The Tiffany Victoria is one of the two new additions. Made up of mixed-cut diamonds set in platinum, the Tiffany Victoria is joined by the Knot key that features round diamonds in 18 carat rose gold.

Tiffany Keys Knot key in 18 carat rose gold with diamonds

Pendants that are likely to captivate anyone who lays eyes on them, layer them with other Tiffany Keys from previous collections or flaunt them off on their own. Either way, tell your own story and unlock stylish possibilities with Tiffany Keys.