Visual treat: The Pendentif Boule by Hermès

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Visual treat: The Pendentif Boule by Hermès
The Pendentif Boule by Hermès is a timepiece like no other

The slip of a hand or a minute error can spell disaster for the vibrant colours of the Pendentif Boule by Hermés. The art of colisonné or pattern enamelling requires an eye for detail and precision. If you think that seems like a slight exaggeration, take a look at the various steps involved, to produce the corolla motifs on the new timepiece by the luxury Maison, and be the judge.

Step 1: The craftsmen mark the central point of the motif on the white-gold half sphere, with a compass. This acts as the point at which the motif begins.

Step 2: Carefully bending slim white gold ribbons, the outlines of the motif are meticulously shaped by hand. The numerous layers are measured and shaped to resemble the petals of a flower.
Step 3: The colours are filled in using finely crushed enamel powder. The slim gold ribbons keep the enamels from seeping out.

Step 4: Heating the enamel numerous times at a temperature of 800 degrees celcius, brings out the differences in each shade and creates the vivid designs that we see in the end.
Step 5: The dial, measuring 21mm and made of mother-of-pearl, is pieced together with the necessary nuts and bolts, on the other half of the sphere. 

Step 6: The dial is then protected with an anti-glare sapphire glass.

Step 7: Strung from a white gold chain, the Pendentif Boule is finally complete.

The end result is a finely crafted timepiece that doubles up as a statement necklace for those days when you can't decide on accessorising.


Text: Vimidamini Haridasan

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