Singapore's own local heritage jewellery label, Choo Yilin, brings precious gems and intricate designs right to your doorstep. Riding on the growth of e-commerce, the brand has used the opportunity to reach out to their younger and more tech-savvy audience.

To this end, the award-winning label, has unveiled a collection entitled Peranakan Pop, which is available on their new web store. With a refreshing take on the elaborate and iconic Peranakan patterns that we know so well, the designs channel their knowledge of intricate metal work.

While the Peranakan designs steal the show, the vibrant gemstones featured in the collection are worth a second look. Featuring the likes of green onyx, amethyst, London blue topaz, peridot and fresh water pearls, the collection bears a certain feminine charm. 

The Peranakan Pop collection will be launched on 30 September and will be available exclusively at Choo Yilin's webstore.