A timeless muse that has inspired humanity with its rarity and beauty, the pearl is Mother Nature's flawless gem that has captivated women and artisans with its spherical perfection. Fashioned into some of the world's most coveted fine jewellery pieces and beloved by iconic figures such as Coco Chanel, Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy, the profound pearl now makes its debut in contemporary Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen designs.

Finely wrought into luxurious pieces by designer Charlotte Lynggaard who was stirred by the fascinating Pearl Exhibition at Copenhagen's Rosenborg Castle in 2012, the silky splendour of this ocean treasure is integrated into an enticing series consisting of a ring, earrings and bracelet. Evocative of a modern bohemian elegance combined with diamonds and gemstones, these pearly additions to Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen's coveted collections are set to charm women all over again.

Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen is available at the LaPrendo fine jewellery boutique at Ngee Ann City, #03-08C.