Reaching a milestone often prompts reminiscence of the journey taken. Montblanc's review of the years sees them shuttling back to the very beginning to ring in more than a century long resumé of craft excellence. Calling on the distinctive Serpentine design from the company's first series of fountain pens (Rouge et Noir), the release of the limited edition Villeret Tourbillon Bi-Cylindrique is a beacon of Montblanc's exalted expertise. 

Force of nature: Montblanc's 110th anniversary Villeret Tourbillon Bi-Cylindrique

The pièce de résistance of the timepiece is naturally in its historic hand engraved serpent wound in a stately coil upon the 52mm face. Also drawing the eye, is a 18.4mm tourbillon made up of 95 separate pieces — a feat to produce and a testament of exceptional craftsmanship. Plated in 18-carat red gold with a sizeable power reserve of 46 hours, true fans of Montblanc angling for the tribute timepiece should know this — only three pieces of the Villeret Tourbillion Bi-Cylindrique have been produced, making it a highly exclusive addition to any timepiece collection. 

Enquire at any Montblanc boutique to purchase the 110th anniversary timepiece. Note: Subject to availability.