Watchmaker MB&F has invited the British artist Nick Veasey to show a collection of his latest work at its M.A.D.Gallery in Geneva. Titled 'X-ray', the exhibition features a series of people and objects shot by the artist using an x-ray machine, before transferring the images onto film. 

"VW Beetle", Nick Veasey (2015)

"X-ray is a very honest process, it shows things for what they are. In this superficial world, that's quite refreshing," Veasey said. "It shows a product or an organic thing for how it is made — the design, the ingenuity that goes into them, warts and all."

The exhibition will display eight of Veasey's portraits, including Matchless Rider, Mitchell Film Camera, Decks, Airport X-ray, Typewriter, VW Beetle, Superman and Clark Kent and Lightbulb.

  1. M.A.D.Gallery, Rue Verdaine 11, 1204 Genève, Switzerland