Here’s the MB&F Horological Machine N°8 in its most cheerful rendition

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Here’s the MB&F Horological Machine N°8 in its most cheerful rendition
MB&F re-creates the HM8 in a brilliant, whimsical iteration for Only Watch 2017

What do you get when you take the MB&F Horological Machine N°8, a philanthropic cause for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, and the artistic talents of a 15 year old youth from Madrid? Well, it's the formula for the happiest-looking avant-garde timepiece ever. Presenting the HM8 for Only Watch 2017, MB&F has scouted student Cassandra Legendre to work on a one-of-a-kind design for the automotive-inspired watch, resulting in a whimsical drawing superimposed over the 'battle axe' winding rotor, now in hot pink.

MB&F Horological Machine No.8 Only Watch 2017

Fittingly, inviting Legendre onboard for a one-off contribution to Only Watch strengthens the message behind the auction's charitable cause, as the teenager's artistic expressions recognises the notion of a child creating something to aid lesser-privileged children who are unable to realise many dreams and opportunities. Communicating across a youthful perspective, a toy car, an ice cream cone, a pair of roller skates and a robot are some of the elements of childhood captured in her intricate, continuous drawing — and fans of the brand will know some of these visual touchstones resonate with MB&F founder Maximilian Büsser, and directly influenced several of the maison's creations.

MB&F Horological Machine No.8 Only Watch 2017

And out of these symbols, the elephant is given particular prominence, perched under the Can Am race-inspired roll bar in between the hour and minutes display. Positioned on a tiny white gold plinth, the majestic beast is remade into a micro-sculpture handcrafted by engraver Oliver Kuhn (who also worked on the miniature aliens in the HM6), alluding to the animal's mainstay appearance in many a children's literature. Finishing this limited edition HM8 is a smiley face taking the place of the logo disc, making this distinctive timepiece the designated cheer captain rallying Only Watch 2017.

MB&F Horological Machine No.8 Only Watch 2017

The MB&F Horological Machine N°8 Only Watch 2017 edition will go on auction on 11 November here.

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