Trust Chanel to turn something as esoteric as the art of making talismans into fine jewellery.

For its latest haute joaillerie presentation at Haute Couture Week, the maison reached deep into history for inspiration and emerged triumphant — fusing the codes of the house (the camellia flower and astronomical arangements, among others) with the idea of creating modern talismans. 

Revered for their magical properties, talismans were reputed to grant their wearers luck and protection. Chanel's luxe interpretation of the mysterious trinkets joins three medieval quatrefoil patterns with diamonds, Japanese cultured pearls, sapphires, multi-coloured lacquer and enamel in a spell-binding combination. The three different patterns are used to great effect — drawing the viewer's eye to the centre of the dazzling pieces, where a luminous jewel is showcased with hynotizing beauty. It's a charmer.