As the Big Bang Unico Sapphire All Black turns ten, Hublot marks this milestone of an iconic watch with a brand new interpretation that pushes the boundaries, and sees the tangible and intangible collide in an unprecedented construct. Built upon the initial furore that saw the original All Black causing a controversial stir with its invisible time display, the maison pioneers yet another innovation as they reverse the concept with a new take on transparency — the exterior now becomes invisible and its formerly hidden movement made visible.

A feat of engineering achieved through a fusion of materials, textures and finishes, the new All Black is cutting-edge Hublot know-how crafted entirely from sapphire crystal blocks — carved using diamonds due to its extreme hardness — into the signature 45mm-diametre Big Bang profile. Painting this casing in a coat of metal to create a polished 'smoked' appearance; the transparency of the timepiece is further enhanced as the frame counterbalances the watch's invisible skeleton dial, allowing the workings of the HUB 1242 calibre to be laid bare. Monochromatic and powerfully emblematic, going dark with the Hublot All Black is an haute horlogerie statement like no other.

Hublot Big Bang Unico All Black

The Big Bang Unico Sapphire All Black is available at the Hublot boutique, limited to 500 pieces.