Why the new 8°0 bracelet from Fred could be your lucky charm

From here to infinity

Why the new 8°0 bracelet from Fred could be your lucky charm
In celebration of 80 years of fine jewellery making

The French jewellery house famed for the Force 10 bracelet is back with another covetable creation. The successor, the 8°0 bracelet, marks the commencement of a new chapter for Fred as it celebrates the oak anniversary of the maison.  

The new unisex 8°0 bracelet comprises of a knot with generously proportioned bows, and an interlocking buckle that resembles a lucky charm in yellow, white or pink gold; either partly or fully paved with diamonds. Depending on your interpretation, the vaulted arches that characterise the 8°0 could be a symbol of infinity or a sign of good fortune. The two interlaced circles make it impossible to tell where the sinuous symbol of infinity begins or ends, and calls on the bearer to define their own vision of luck. Similar to its predecessor, the 8°0 bracelet tells the story of Fred's years, and promises to tell it's bearer's story years down the road, with the leather strap (available in black, brown or navy blue) that holds the buckle in place, maturing alongside its owner.

The culmination of 80 years of jewellery making is seen in pure, elegant lines of the 8°0 bracelet — a tip of the hat to Fred's dedication to delicacy and grace as a means of expression — as easily wearable on a woman's arm or a man's wrist. 

The Fred boutique is located at Marina Bay Sands (#B2M-200), 8 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore.

Text: Priscilla Tan

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