For a watch manufacture that has always embodied the essence of travelling since its founding, it was inevitable that Vacheron Constantin would one day go on the road with their lauded timepieces in a proverbial exhibition on wheels. Bringing to Asia for the very first time a curated selection of the Swiss maison's archives, 18 watches from its heritage collection will be touring five countries — including Macau, Hong Kong and Korea — to offer the public a fascinating insight into their visionary aesthetics.

Tying in with the storied label's grand Overseas venture, each selected timepiece showcased in the 'Elegance in Motion' travelling exhibition was pulled from the maison's private museum collection containing over 1,300 specimens. So elected for their ability to retain precise measurement of time in spite of gamboling across the globe, these Vacheron Constantin antiques are the standard that modern travelling watches are modeled upon and can certainly still hold their own against their contemporary counterparts. Featuring iconic pieces whose elements have been translated into popular collections, the exhibition is a history lesson in haute horlogerie enthusiasts best start lining up for when the doors officially open tomorrow.

Preview some of the pieces that will be on display:

The Elegance in Motion exhibition will run from 24 August to 4 September at the Vacheron Constantin boutique, Ion Orchard, #02-07.