The diffusion line from Choo Yilin has finally landed and it carries a subtle modernity that makes a distinct departure from the elaborate details loyal fans have come to associate with the beloved local brand. Titled Jade by Choo Yilin, the name is a lead-in to the clean aesthetic of this new sub-collection, embodying a minimalism that puts a new spin on jade jewellery.

Making its debut with pieces inspired by Peranakan tile motifs, understated shapes and lines accents the sleek simplicity of each delicately made creation, crafted with touches of jade that proudly hints at Choo Yilin's Asian heritage. Wrought using the same metals as the core collection, Jade by Choo Yilin brims with a fresh, contemporary appeal that bridges the cultural gap to charm one and all.

Jade by Choo Yilin is available exclusively online.