The Signature de Chanel is a crafted tapestry of brilliance

Quixotic quilts

The Signature de Chanel is a crafted tapestry of brilliance
Chanel presents their new haute joaillerie collection, the Signature de Chanel

There are many tenets of Chanel that time cannot erode, one of which is the quilted pattern that has been exalted as an icon of the atelier.

Debuted by Mademoiselle Coco in the form of the renowned 2.55 handbag — which draws its inspiration from jackets worn by stable boys on the equestrian racecourses — the quilt design has since become an essential constituent of Chanel's creative DNA. Naturally, the maison would centre their latest haute joaillerie creation upon this time-honoured emblem, aptly christened the Signature de Chanel Fine Jewellery collection:

Spanning an extensive assembly of 48 new pieces in 11 sets crafted by the Chanel Fine Jewellery Creative Studio, the collection is simplistic perfection elevated by the graphic refinement of the quilted pattern. Characteristic of Chanel's fluid femininity, each piece evokes curves and volumes that transform the individual squares into a flowing tapestry paved with diamonds.

Chanel Signature de Chanel Fine Jewellery Collection

Adding touches of contrast in deep blue sapphires and aquamarines, the essence of the collection is most prominently captured in the pièce de résistance: The stunning Signature de Saphir necklace. Sensual, brilliant, and exceptional, the entirety of the Signature de Chanel collection pays homage to the quilt in a synchrony of revolution and timelessness — an expression of the Chanel spirit.

The Signature de Chanel Collection is available at Chanel Fine Jewellery boutiques.

Text: Angelyn Kwek

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