Discover the dazzling realm of Cartier with their Le Diamant Cartier exhibition

The universe of Cartier

Discover the dazzling realm of Cartier with their Le Diamant Cartier exhibition
One of the most storied haute joaillerie maison opens its doors to one and all for a exploratory journey through their glittering archives with the Le Diamant Cartier exhibition

Step into a breathtaking world when you venture on a jewellery journey with Cartier as the French maison takes you through Le Diamant Cartier, their exhibition extraordinaire that recalls over a century and a half of legacy and prized creations. So named to inspire explorers to uncover the story behind each glimmering piece and to ultimately ascertain the fated diamond of one's destiny, Le Diamant Cartier celebrates the maison's love for individuality and audacity, captured in the infinite glitter of their vibrant masterpieces.

A display that exemplifies this aesthetic, 'Creations of Today, Treasures of Tomorrow' sees Cartier's latest fine creations, including pieces from their lauded Magicien collection, arrayed in a presentation that reveals the exquisite craftsmanship of their atelier. Spectacular manifestations of their legendary savoir-faire, visitors will get to learn how Cartier selects their diamonds as well as the methods employed by the maison's team of experts in determining the setting that best showcases the stones to their full glittering effect. Of course, inspiration also comes in the form of iconic heroines whose style continues to influence the scene.

Cartier Le Diamant Cartier

Cartier Le Diamant Cartier

Another mark in Cartier's history that garners its own exhibition space is their famed Bestiary, featuring a menagerie of creature collections with everything from lovebirds and serpents to the sleek Panthère bristling with its coat of diamonds. Backdropped by a tropical jungle setting sculpted from paper; this is Cartier's irresistible call of the wild.

And nestled at the heart of the Le Diamant Cartier are what else, but brilliant solitaires? Bringing to the public eye the beauty of these precious gems, a team of jewellers demonstrates the language of diamonds with a series of shapes and mountings to express the atelier's aptitude in crafting unique pieces. A platform that also exhibits the new Etincelle de Cartier collection, the timeless femininity of diamonds radiates like none other for all to seek out the gem that resonates with every individual. Sharing this centrestage, the icons of Cartier also makes a grand parade of dazzling proportions with pieces from the Trinity, Love, Juste Un Clou and the Amulette de Cartier collections.

Just when you thought Cartier's diamonds couldn't bewitch any more than they already have, the maison enchants exhibition-goers with an exclusive preview of their Coup d'éclat de Cartier collection — slated to launch only in October — that plays with light and movement in blazing swirls and facets. An immersive experience into the intriguing world of precious stones, the Le Diamant Cartier is a journey not to be missed.

The Le Diamant Cartier exhibition runs from 20 to 28 August, 11am - 9pm, at the Cartier Boutique,  Level 2, Ngee Ann City.

Text: Angelyn Kwek

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