Meet the three leading ladies of the Bulgari Divas’ Dream collection

What divas are made of

Meet the three leading ladies of the Bulgari Divas’ Dream collection
Bulgari invites you to explore your inner diva with their new Divas’ Dream collection

A woman wears many faces and chooses at her whimsy when to mesmerise her audience — a flash of brilliance or a flirty twinkle that speaks of her secret prima donna. Like the finest maestro that coaxes a glittering aria from within, Bulgari lauds femininity in all its glorious facets with exquisitely crafted fine jewellery that pays homage to every woman's inner diva.

Equated to a contemporary artist of Roman splendour, the Italian maison is haute joaillerie's virtuoso that impeccably highlights a woman's radiance with their new Divas' Dream collection. Sculpting stunning curves of precious stones and vivid colours that take inspiration from the Eternal City's statuesque beauty and zest for dolce vita, the jewelled brilliance reflects the sensuality of each woman, whether she's feeling playful, dreamy or elegant. An homage to three alluring divas that personify each sub-collection, Bulgari cajoles one to embrace and reveal their inner glamour. Mysterious, sophisticated, stylish — you can be one, or all of them.

For the graceful woman who prefers polished sleekness and is always effortlessly elegant from head to toe, the iconic contours of the Divas' Dream emantes a dazzling simplicity paired with flawlessly cut pavé diamonds. Comprised of earrings, rings, a bracelet and necklace in pink or white gold – with a set of delicate mother-of-pearl studs amongst the gems — this is resplendent minimalism with an easy versatility and customisation that lets one dress it up or down. Resting beautifully upon her person, the chic ensemble resonates with her natural beauty and is her jewelled lucky amulet. 

Glamour is her middle name and she is every camera's darling — rightly so when her glorious Divas' Dream creations shimmer regally, elevating her seductive refinement. Unreservedly audacious, each piece is a study in sensuous vanity, gleaming like a beacon with a multitude of pavé diamonds and coloured gems masterfully assembled upon pink and white gold settings, clustered into bold scintillating designs. The signature cascade necklace, Bulgari's feminine equivalent of a gentleman's necktie, glints upon the décolletage and draws the eye like no other, ensuring this diva holds sway with a presence as precious as her eminent jewellery. 

Beguiling the world with her charisma and Mona Lisa smile, this diva is an independent soul brimming with a captivating charm that is emphasised by her magnificent taste in fine jewellery. Perfectly complementing her style, the finely crafted arches of vibrant malachite, shimmering mother-of-pearl and pavé diamonds fashioned into bracelets, a necklace and earrings reflect her free spirit and her innate classiness. Touched with an eclectism that hints at the depths of her personality, this vivid set of Divas' Dream pieces is a parure that will have the crowd staring at you in wonder just a little longer.

The Divas' Dream collection will be available in Bulgari boutiques from September.

Text: Angelyn Kwek

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