Bulgari dazzles with 2015 Diva collection

La dolce Diva

Bulgari dazzles with 2015 Diva collection
With rainbow hues and royal blues, the Italian jeweller sashays its way into the spotlight

The word 'diva' summons up images of glamorous women and larger-than-life movie stars, but Bulgari turns the word on its head with the 2015 Diva collection. The bold gems — lapis lazuli, malachite, and coral rubrum, among others — imbue its classically Roman arched pattern with a feminine strength and sensuality, while keeping it beautifully modern at the same time.

Think elegant pink gold sautoirs adorned with lapis lazuli and turquoise that can be wrapped twice around the neck as a chic necklace for evening, or discreet bracelets in mother-of-pearl and onyx that add a touch of silver-screen insouciance to a day look. For the more feminine at heart, the floral rings with full pavé diamonds keep the spirit light and girly. So whether you're a wallflower or prima donna, this is one collection that will make you take centre stage.

Text: Pakkee Tan

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