Favoured by the mademoiselle herself, Chanel's signature motifs of comets, camellias and feathers were first introduced in the maison's early years. They've since made their way into countless Chanel collections such as the Les Icônes de Chanel — a fine jewellery collection of Coco Chanel's favourite things. 


Crafted into classic jewellery pieces (rings, necklaces and earrings), each motif projects a different façade of femininity. The comet and star are emblems for movement and liberty. The camellia, on the other hand, represents purity and the feather for boldness. The collection, though ornate, possesses Chanel's classic simplicity that's immune to the progress of time. Case in point: A 1920s flapper would've worn the Camélia Ajouré necklace just as well as women of today.

The Les Icônes de Chanel fine jewellery collection will be available from January 2016, at the Chanel Fine Jewelery Boutique, Singapore.