7 Instagram accounts serious jewellery lovers should follow

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7 Instagram accounts serious jewellery lovers should follow
Warning: You could come down with a serious case of gem fever after reading this

A beautiful gemstone never ceases to amaze and enchant. Whether it's diamonds, rubies, tsavorites or sapphires, there's something magical about the gleam and glow of jewellery that speaks to one on a visceral level. Of course, with more people on Instagram than ever, there's no need to breakfast at Tiffany's to sneak a glimpse of a solitaire — it's easier to gawk at some of the rarest rocks on earth right from your screen. So if you're in need of a little princess-cut pick-me-up, here's a list of the most lust-worthy jewellery aficionados to follow on Instagram.

1. @etername_paris
Based at The Peninsula Paris, this jewellery shop is home to some of the most unique (and frankly, the most expensive) jewels on this side of the Left Bank. Pair that with spectacular settings designed to their customers' specifications and you have yourself some seriously envy-inducing bling to drool over.

Instagram | @etername_paris

2. @gaiarepossi
When designers the ilk of Alexander Wang turn to you for a collaboration, you know you're a cut above the rest. Then again, Gaia Repossi was born to make jewellery (seriously, her family has been jewellers since 1920) and her simple, fluid designs go perfectly with a smattering of rare gems. Talk about a match made in heaven.

Instagram | @gaiarepossi

3. @brookegregson
This designer prefers to work with the intriguing opal and has made a name for her stunning selection of jewellery. Sourcing the gemstones from Australia, she works them into delicately filigreed necklaces and bracelets. We also love how we get the opportunity to admire raw opals as she chronicles her design journey.

Instagram | @brookegregson

4. @orlovjewellery
Turning up the glam factor is Orlov Jewellery, who is clearly in favour of the Baroque way of jewellery-making: More is more. Decadence literally oozes from this specialty jeweller and it's pretty hard not to be envious of their oversized baubles.

Instagram | @orlovjewelry 

5. @stephenwebsterjewellery
Suzy Menkes calls him "the crown hipster of jewellery" and it's not hard to see why. Webster has a preternatural ability to craft pieces that are luxurious without the standoffish poshness implied. It doesn't hurt that he works the most unexpected gem colourings into his edgy designs as well.

Instagram | @stephenwebsterjewellery 

6. @vjewelry
If you're more into vintage jewellery than brash baubles, V Jewelry's quiet aesthetic is more suited for you. What they're particularly good at is incorporating two contrasting elements — say, an extraordinary opal flanked by a band of diamonds — and melding them into a harmonious whole.

Instagram | @vjewellery 

7. @delfinadelettrez
The scion of the Fendi family has struck out from the fashion side of her family, turning to her true calling — fine jewellery. Delettrez's bold, geometric designs and Surrealist approach often means that her designs are one-of-a-kind and totally refreshing.

Instagram | @delfinadelettrez 

Text: Pakkee Tan

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