Hermès' new Cape Cod flaunts a unique design creativity

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Hermès' new Cape Cod flaunts a unique design creativity
The strap is the star with these three new models

There are so many reasons to love the Hermès Cape Cod: Its chaîne d'ancre inspired case, the 12 quirky Arabic numerals, those ramrod straight flanks... and of course its provenance. This watch was designed by design virtuoso, Henri d'Origny, who is the former artistic director of La Maison Hermès. Typified as a square within a rectangle, this watch is nothing if not bold, and it's one that could well be trusted to stand out amid a sea of 'vanilla' round cases and plain baton indexes. Now its straps, too, offer an unusual approach.

Directing the spotlight onto its centuries-long leatherworking know-how, Hermès presented three different strap options for the Cape Cod, which are all designed, intriguingly, for men. Yes, now there is a masculine way to rock the iconic Hermès Double Tour, among others.

The Cape Cod TGM Bicolore lets you wear your love for Hermès' sumptuous leather straps on your wrist. And it's perfect for those who can never decide what colour strap they want. Etoupe or Malta blue? Malta blue or Hermès red? You can have both! Furthermore, these smooth calfskin straps and the modest 33mm X 33mm case dimensions allow you to accessorise further with more bracelets, cuffs, and bands.

Hermès Cape Cod new straps

Cape Cod TGM Cadran Laque affords a little more versatility, as it comes with an interchangeable strap system. Switch between a Double Tour and a standard strap whenever you like and choose between ebony Barenia and Hermès red calfskin. We reckon the Double Tour is for days where you want to let out your inner sartorialist while the classic strap with pin buckle doesn't look a hair out of place when paired with the sharpest corporate suits.

Hermès Cape Cod new straps

The Cape Cod TGM Bracelet de Force blurs the line between wrist accessory and timepiece. Generously swathed in sumptuous handcrafted leather, it is also somewhat redolent of an historical Hermès timepiece — the very first timepiece ever made by the maison, as a matter of fact. In 1912, Jacqueline Hermès wore a watch called "porte-oignon" that was a pocket watch contained in a leather case that was also a wrist strap. It was one of the earliest wrist-worn timepieces in the history of horology. Here, Hermès's leatherworking chops are on full display as the wristbands are formed of a traditional strap merged into a cuff. There are four variations available: Veronese green alligator, black alligator, natural Barenia calfskin which most closely resemble the historical porte-oignon, and black Barenia calfskin.

Hermès Cape Cod new straps

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