Fortune favours the bold: The Lucky Dior ring collection

Charmed streak

Fortune favours the bold: The Lucky Dior ring collection
Dior seizes good fortune by the horns and embellishes their new haute joaillerie collection with touches of lucky symbols

Kismet is in the cards once you lay eyes on the latest Dior fine jewellery collection, aptly christened the Lucky Dior. Like so many of Lady Luck's avarices, an extensive lineup of exquisitely wrought icons adorns the broad bands of the collection to represent the various elements of good fortune. Set with cut natural stones in a medley of colours that double as a plaque upon which these lucky symbols perch, Dior's signet ring goes beyond being just an accessory — its innate charm is your new blessed talisman.

Offering their most propitious collection to date, the maison has delegated each symbol — the bee, lily-of-the-valley, clover, rose, star, oval and initials — its own unique significance, imbued with a meaningful subtlety. Whether it's a single band or multiple rings, take your pick of the Lucky Dior collection and destiny is in the palm of your hands.

Inspired by Christian Dior's memoirs that likened his first collection to a buzzing hive of activity when it launched, the bee is also the namesake for the busy seamstresses at the maison's 30 Avenue Montaigne atelier. Symbolising strength and vitality, the finely detailed bee sits upon a platform of black onyx.

Dior Lucky Dior collection

Playing to the designer's penchant for superstition, this icon is representative of his love for the flower whose petals have been embroidered into many a Dior creation. Seen as a sign of the coming spring, the maison's haute couture pieces used to have a dried sprig of lily-of-the-valley sewn into their hem and today indicates happiness and love, set against a pale rose quartz stone.

Dior Lucky Dior collection

A permanent symbol of good luck, this particular sprig was something Monsieur Dior carried everyday in his pocket and remains a significance emblem to the house. Fashioned into an haute joaillerie amulet, the clover is accompanied with the green of amazonite to inspire confidence.

Dior Lucky Dior collection

Featuring a delicate rose seated upon a bed of navy blue lapis, this meaningful floral is a token that relives Dior's childhood spent in the lush gardens at his family home in Granville. A fondness for flowers that developed via his mother's encouragement, the rose is a feminine representation that offers wisdom.

Dior Lucky Dior collection

A sign of the heavens, the star is a celestial body that has always been seen as a spiritual guiding force — which was exactly the case for the esteemed designer whose unexpected find of a star put him onto the path of a couturier. Paired with a tiger-eye gem, this symbol of fate heralds protection and luck.

Dior Lucky Dior collection

From 18th century medallion-back chairs to contemporary fine jewellery, the oval was a Dior signature the couturier brought into the maison from his fascination with the era's elegance. Topped with a Fontanges bow, this mark now graces the Lucky Dior collection upon a plum-coloured fluorite gem as a sign of protection and harmony.

Dior Lucky Dior collection

Differentiated from the rest of the collection by a striking monogram bearing 'CD' emblazoned onto bright red coral, these letters are an autograph of the label, emblematic and familiar; an instantly recognisable ring that embodies the house of Dior.

 Dior Lucky Dior collection

The Lucky Dior collection is available at Dior boutiques.

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