Stylish Homes:
Nicole Wong and Clinton Leicester's mod and minimalist flat in Punggol

Black and white bliss

When 20-somethings Nicole Wong and Clinton Leicester tied the knot last August, the stylist ditched the high heels and voluminous frock combo for classic white, high-cut Chucks and a relaxed fit dress from Aussie brand Keepsake The Label. A simple headband framed Wong's blunt bob, while Leicester echoed his partner's simplicity in a black and white suit. The pair's entry into married life was undoubtedly a fuss-free affair, highlighted by understated jewels and a beautiful sunflower-filled bouquet.

It's this theme of understatement that runs through the couple's first owned home, which they affectionately refer to as #APT354 on both their social media accounts. After renting together for five years, they've settled down in a five-room flat in Punggol bordering the Tampines Expressway (TPE). Punggol, the camera-shy Leicester shares, is home to unique spots not widely known, such as a plant nursery the duo frequents and seafront dining address The Punggol Settlement. "Importantly, it has good bak chor mee too!" he adds.
"I always liked the combination of leather, wood and gold, while Nicole preferred clean spaces, white and muted colours. So throughout the house, you can see us combining these to form our unique look," shares Leicester.
"There were a few key items that we really wanted for our flat, like duo sinks, a marble island and a glass room.
It made sense for us to have an island sink instead of the traditional sink facing the wall. It makes entertaining
so much easier when we can prep food while still engaging with our guests. It's also a great solution
if you have limited space in your kitchen," says Wong on her #kitchengoals.

"We wanted a main feature as we enter our home to welcome our guests as well. Importantly, it's also for us to throw our keys and bags before we step into the home and feel relaxed," quips Wong.
A majority of the furniture and displays are moveable as the couple enjoy a change every couple of months. Among the palette of blue, white and grey, are items which mirror their aesthetic from the likes of Byredo, Aesop, and Diptyque. Peranakan tiles placed in the bathroom and pantry enliven the pared-down look.
"My family home is very simple and fuss-free with all the essentials. At our own place, we're very particular in everything that's in the house: From the furniture and candles to utensils," says Leicester.
Joy Division and Morrissey prints rest against the wall of the living room as Wong tends to her six-year-old English cocker spaniels.

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Photography: Vanessa Caitlin
Styling and text: Adibah Isa
Styling assistance: Indah Jayanti
Special thanks to Crate & Barrel