Transform your tresses:
One girl, five hair looks

Special feature

From the month of May, you can banish bad hair days and transform your tresses as many times as you like at selected Toni & Guy salons. Together with Redken, the chain will be launching Beauty All-Access™— a pass that entitles you to unlimited blowouts for 30 days.

To promote the launch, Issac Ng, salon director of Toni & Guy has created a menu of five specialty blowouts, powered by Redken's new Pillow Proof Cream Primer. If you want to replicate these looks at home, check out the styles below plus the products used to achieve them. But if you're not handy with your hair, treat yourself to a different hairdo every week at Toni & Guy, and embrace the power of transformation.

Sleek, sexy and sculpted, this elegant hairstyle is perfect for an evening out. Start preparing the hair with Pillow Proof Cream Primer, then apply Rootful 06 volumizing spray at the crown area only, before blasting with your hairdryer. To achieve the slicked sides, use, a fine tooth comb to create small sections on either side of the head and gather the two ends into a small ponytail at the nape of the neck. Backcomb the rest of the hair to create texture and release over the ponytail.

Natural, breezy and effortless. Achieve this look by applying the Pillow Proof Cream Primer before adding in the Full Effect 04 volumizing mousse to prepare the hair. Too busy to do your hair in the morning? Ng's special tip is that you can section the hair into six to eight sections, roll them in traditional rollers and sleep in. The next morning, release the curls, separating them into three to four curls per section, before dusting on a bit of Pillow Proof Two-Day Extender dry shampoo to refresh the hair. Voila!

Before styling the hair, use this primer. It not only reduces blow-drying time, but protects hair against heat damage.

Photo: Redken
Easy, elegant and uncomplicated, the ballerina bun is one of the simpler styles to achieve in this collection. After priming the hair with Pillow Proof, brush the hair upside down. Next apply the Hardwear 16 gel into the hair to distribute it, before gathering tresses into a ponytail at the top of the head. Work quickly as the gel will harden. Section the hair in two parts, the back section should create the base of the bun, while the front sections should be placed in pieces over the bun to create a textured look.

Photo: Redken

The primer detangles and reduces breakage, while the two-day extender refreshes your 'do.
This festival-ready do is fun, fresh and flowing. After priming with Pillow Proof, use Rough Paste 12 to create a matte finish and natural texture in the hair. Divide hair into two sections: a small section at the front of the head and another one behind. Braid the back section into a large braid, and the front into a smaller, face-framing braid that is pinned under the larger braid. When you're done, release the larger braid — it'll create natural texture in your hair — and finish with the Forceful 23 High Hold Finishing Spray.

Edgy, bold and unexpected, this sexy updo will certainly turn heads. After priming the hair, work Full Effect 04 through the hair to create volume, and gather into a ponytail at the crown of the head. After blasting hair with a blowdryer, curl in random sections, being sure to spray the Control Addict 28 Super Strength Finishing Spray after releasing each tonged curl — to keep its defined and almost 'crunchy' effect. Depending on how many curls you want, break up each ringlet into two to three mini curls and finish with more hairspray to secure the look.

Want these styles for yourself? Purchase a Beauty All-Access™ pass for $299 and you can get fabulous blowouts
any time, any day (for a period of 30 days) at the following salons:
Toni & Guy (Mandarin Gallery), Toni & Guy (Rochester), Toni & Guy (The Star), and Toni & Guy (Novena).

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Photography: Vanessa Caitlin
Beauty Direction: Renée Batchelor
Hair: Issac Ng/Toni & Guy
Hair Assistant: Ash Neo/Toni & Guy
Makeup: Ira Tedja
Model: Francesca Tan