#TravelTuesday: Unorthodox attractions in Wellington

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#TravelTuesday: Unorthodox attractions in Wellington
The capital of New Zealand is small but mighty — offering plenty of secret haunts in its own backyard. Below, the good folk from Tourism New Zealand let us in on five spots to discover.

1. Hang out with red pandas

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Firstly, prepare for your most popular Instagram pics ever. Then, head to Wellington Zoo's website and book a close encounter with the red pandas. These little guys will climb all over you and nibble fruit from your hands, making for the most adorable selfies of your life.


2. Visit space

wellington new zealand

Okay, perhaps we're pushing it a litle bit with this, but a visit to Space Place is the next best thing to trading your life savings for a ticket to space. The observatory's awe-inspiring full-dome planetarium shows will take you to the depths of the ocean, into the earth's core, and out into the solar system. On fine nights, you can star-gaze through the huge Thomas Cooke telescope, too.


3. See kiwis in their natural habitat

wellington new zealand

And we don't mean in an enclosure. At Zealandia, just 10 minutes from the city, you're afforded the rare opportunity to see kiwis and tuatara — the closest living relative of the dinosaur — as well as plenty of other native creatures hanging out in the wild. Many of the cute and friendly native animals wander freely in the enclosure so you can get up close and personal with them. 


4. Go seal-spotting

wellington new zealand

Located just minutes from the city centre, Seal Coast Safari is not quite the safaris of Africa that you might be familiar with. Instead of vast animal migrations, you'll find a colony of New Zealand fur seals, quite simply minding their own business. Enjoy a spot of tea and muffins while watching the seals lounge about their rugged home. Wild goat and deer sightings are not uncommon here, too.  

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