#TravelTuesday: Couple your next getaway with a post-festive detox

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#TravelTuesday: Couple your next getaway with a post-festive detox
Smooth those ruffled feathers and set the tone for the year ahead

January's the month most people tackle their fitness regime with renewed vigour. Others who haven't been behaving themselves are wondering what steps they can take to repent for their failed diets and overenthusiasm at the festive table. Then there are those who're back at work, bravely battling a bulging inbox and endless list of to-dos. If this sounds like you — you, my friend, are in need of a detox. A detox in January? Isn't that premature? Well, not quite. It's all about smoothing those feathers and setting the tone right for the year ahead. 

Song Saa Private Island

We love our private island retreats, but this one takes the cake. Nestled in Cambodia's Koh Rong archipelago, Song Saa Private Island's blessed with pristine waters, virgin coral reefs, and the best nature has to offer. It might be a perfect spot for lovers, but also those seeking rest and rejuvenation.

If you're checking in for their Rejuvenation Retreat, you'll be well cared for the next five to seven nights. Following a consultation with Song Saa's Director of Wellness, you'll be prescribed a unique itinerary that packs in anything from kayaking up fresh water estuaries to meditation sessions on the beach. With a spa team comprising yoga masters, ayurvedic therapits, and Khmer practitioners trained in local therapies and ingredients, you'll find healing and salvation hidden in a suite of Eastern know-how. 

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Text: Denise Kok

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