#TravelTuesday: New additions to the Louis Vuitton Travel Book collection

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#TravelTuesday: New additions to the Louis Vuitton Travel Book collection
Louis Vuitton entreats you to live vicariously through their new Travel Books that tours South Africa and revisits Paris

Traversing the world has always been part of the Louis Vuitton (LV) DNA, un fait évident from the maison's renowned Monogram luggages and the advent of the Louis Vuitton City Guides iPhone and iPad app. As part of their wayfaring nature, the house of LV is launching two new publications in their Travel Book collection come this May.

Louis Vuitton Travel Book collection

Famously illustrated by artists from around the globe, the new titles take you on an expedition to the far reaches of South Africa and reminisces the European charm of Paris. Sketched by the talented author of Graphic Novels, Brecht Evens, for the latter and portrayed by celebrated painter Liu Xiaodong for the former, the Travel Books are original, artistic expressions that invite you on a rousing virtual voyage.

Explore the unknown or rediscover a familiar locale — these picturesque travel journals are your gateways to different horizons, as depicted by Evens and Liu through their own exploratory treks. Bridging the realms of art and travel, the richly diverse illustrations are contemporary creations that feed the wanderlust soul.

The South Africa and Paris Travel Books will launch in May. A limited edition of 30 copies numbered and signed by the artist will be available in selected Louis Vuitton boutiques.

Text: Angelyn Kwek

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