#TravelTuesday: David Beckham's favourite vacation spots

Trip it like Beckham

#TravelTuesday: David Beckham's favourite vacation spots
The former Manchester United soccer star reveals his soft spot for Singapore and Marina Bay Sands

When you're a bona fide celebrity like David Beckham, the world is well and truly your oyster. In a recent interview with British Airways' High Life magazine, Beckham gave readers a glimpse of his favourite places in the world. From sun-drenched days in the Maldives to lazy afternoons at a pub in London, Beckham certainly knows how to wind down when he's not crossing continents to promote his very own whisky label.

You fly all over the world for work. Where is your favourite place to visit?
That's a tough one. New York and LA are pretty special but I also like Singapore (I love staying at Marina Bay Sands). Then again, can you ever beat Paris? I'd say it can be matched but not beaten. Of course, I love coming back to my home, London. It has everything you could ask for in a city.

What's your favourite London restaurant?
Restaurants in London are some of the best in the world, so it's difficult to pick only one.  I'm really into pub lunches at the moment; The Cow in Notting Hill is great.

The Cow, London

What do you enjoy doing in London with your family?
There is nothing better than walking my dog with the kids in Hyde Park. You feel like you're in the heart of the greatest city in the world.

What's been your best holiday to date?
We had an incredible time in the Maldives for our last few Christmas holidays. The Maldives has it all for the whole family. I'm also a huge fan of Bali.

Where's your favourite US destination?
I've had so many great holidays in the US, especially with Victoria and the kids, but our most memorable holiday has been to Utah. The landscapes there are breathtaking.

What's the most exhilarating live sport to watch?
Football, of course! Though I also love basketball and tennis. There's always a great atmosphere at Wimbledon. I would love to watch the Palio di Siena horse race in Italy one year. It's something I've always wanted to see. 

Do you have a favourite sports stadium?
The Estadio Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid, Wembley Stadium in London and Old Trafford in Manchester are of course my personal favourites. They have all you could ask for as a player and a fan, including scale and atmosphere. I have never been to La Bombonera in Buenos Aires but I'd love to see it. It's supposed to be amazing. 

David Beckham

You travel a lot. Is there anywhere left on your bucket list?
I'm incredibly fortunate to have visited many places around the world. Antarctica for example, was pretty special and somewhere I will never forget. There are so many places left to see but it's difficult to pick out one in particular. I like to visit destinations where food is the central part of the journey so my next holiday will be somewhere where I can try different cuisines.

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