#TechThursday: Samsung's latest Galaxy Tab S2 and Galaxy Tab A tablets

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#TechThursday: Samsung's latest Galaxy Tab S2 and Galaxy Tab A tablets
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When Samsung first released its Galaxy Tab S2 and Tab A tablets, the Android devices were well-received the world over. It isn't surprising that much anticipation has built up around the latest iterations of these smart tablets, and the South Korean tech giant has proven once again that it is possible to improve the performance and viewing experience of these tablets. 

The new Galaxy Tab S2's super AMOLED display screen showcases precise details with deeper contrasts and richer colours, giving users a superb and immersive viewing experience across various types of digital content. The Tab S2 is the lightest among the company's tablet line, with the 9.7-inch tablet weighing a mere 370g while the 8-inch dips the scale at 260g. Being light and portable isn't its only strength. Its 4G+ LTE Category 6 capability also allows for the device to browse the internet and download files at a quicker rate. 

The latest Galaxy Tab S2 makes working and multi-tasking on the tablet a more efficient affair, thanks in no small part to performance features such as Quick Connect, Samsung SideSync 4.0, and Multi Window. Users can access, share and communicate across Samsung devices using Quick Connect and SideSync 4.0, while the Multi Window feature lets you split the screen and use two apps at the same time. 

At the same time, the latest edition of the Galaxy Tab A tablet enhances and enlarges the viewing experience with a bigger 10.1-inch WUXGA display fitted with anti-glare properties. The 13-hour battery life will come in handy for those always on the go. The tablet's soft textured design also allows the device to fit perfectly in your hand with a comfortable grip. Furthermore, it has a Multi-User Mode that lets you set up customised profiles for various users. Like the Tab S2, the Tab A also has Quick Connect and Sidesync 4.0 performance features that allow for seamless connectivity. 

The Galaxy Tab S2 (2016) is available in black, white or gold and will come in 32GB with two screen size options — 8.0" and 9.7". The Galaxy Tab A (2016, 10.1") is available in black or white and in 16GB. Both devices will come with 4G+ and Wi-Fi options and is available at all local telecommunication operators, selected customer electronics stores, authorised retailers and Samsung Experience stores. 

Text: Jessica Zheng

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