#TechThursday: A portable turntable with vintage stylings

Vinyl power

#TechThursday: A portable turntable with vintage stylings
Music on the move

Just how much can one fit into a suitcase? In the hands of British electronics stalwart Goodmans, a turntable is a real possibility. You don't have to be an audiophile to operate this Ealing turntable. Simply slip your vinyl record onto the platter, align the stylus, and you're all set to get the party started.  

goodmans ealing turntable

Fitted with built-in stereo speakers and rechargeable batteries, the Goodmans Ealing Turntable makes it easy for you to take the party elsewhere. If stereo speakers don't sound like music to your ears, simply plug in the turntable to external speakers to yield a more robust sound. You can also connect the turntable to your computer to digitise your vinyl tunes into MP3 files — perfect for immortalising your favourite records.  

goodmans ealing turntable
Available in black and cream at Antė@TANGS, Antė@Suntec, Antė@Vivocity, and Twobros Lifestyle & Gadget Store.

Denise Kok

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