#TechThursday: This app is made for health junkies on the go

Travelling gym rats

#TechThursday: This app is made for health junkies on the go
The world’s most healthful pitstops, at your fingertips

Quite often, the biggest struggle avid health and wellbeing junkies face while on the go is the perpetual hunt for clean eateries or fitness studios. At times, we also feel like switching up familiar haunts for something new. But with grease and fast food aplenty, sifting through the available options may not come easy. This is where newly launched app, MISO, comes in. This smartphone app does all the legwork for you.

MISO pulls up a list of fitness centres and wholesome grubs within a 100-mile radius right after you sign into the app. Brilliantly organised into categories such as ‘Martial Arts’ to ‘Gluten Free’, MISO provides you with necessary information including the establishment's webpage, address, and directions on how to get there. 

miso health app

Besides gathering healthful spots from all nooks and crannies, MISO lets you read and leave reviews. Whether you’re planning a travel itinerary or thinking of signing up at the city’s latest gym, you know what you’re in for. And if you like what you see, simply bookmark the place to find it among your other favourites in one tap. With MISO, cheat days no longer have to exist. 

is available for iOS and Android.

Text: Bianca Husodo

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