iPhone covers are always a good idea. Think of it as a trusty shield against all the daily abuse your smartphone has to endure. Surely your phone deserves a little more than a flimsy plastic sheet? If you're looking for one that can weather the hard knocks of life while charming with its sleek design, consider the new range of Collart cases designed by the good folk at M.Craftsman. 

In keeping with M.Craftsman's ethos of creating goods from quality materials, you'll find these iPhone 6 cases made with a combination of wood and leather. The case is also treated to resist dirt and stains, so unless you spill an entire glass of wine onto it, this sturdy fella will hold up well under any circumstance. 

Here's a look at the five colourways the cases come in: 

Available at Hipvan, Robinson Heeren, TANGS Plaza, and authorised retailers islandwide.