Take selfies for a greater good on Natalia Vodianova's charity app Elbi

Point, shoot, donate

Take selfies for a greater good on Natalia Vodianova's charity app Elbi
Bring out your inner philanthropist by drawing and taking selfies on the interactive app

Although her innocent gaze is synonymous with countless fashion ad campaigns, modelling is not Natalia Vodianova's only passion. The blonde-haired blue-eyed beauty also feels strongly about philanthropy. Having launched a charity app Elbi just a few months ago, Vodianova recently took to a stage different from the ones she's used to. The Web Summit 2015 saw her introducing the application to 40,000 attendees.

As per the norm, Elbi users first pick the cause they'd like to contribute to. But, the following steps are where it gets fun. Varying according to the beneficiary's needs, you'll be instructed to send a selfie pulling a funny face to cheer up a little boy in a hospital for example, or a drawing of an alphabet and corresponding animal to help underprivileged children learn English. And, other users can contribute to your creation by hitting the "love" button which makes a micro donation on your behalf, turning you into a micro funder. 

"We had to make sure it is really compelling, inspiring and rewarding for our users", Vodianova underscored the vision her team worked towards at the summit. Now available for download in the US, UK and just a few days ago, Ireland, Vodianova has big dreams of acquiring users in the millions. In this digital millenium where a selfie is the order of the day, kudos to the model's creativity in making charity on-the-go effortlessly fun for the everyman who knows how to point, shoot and donate. 

See the interface of the Elbi app here

Text: Andrea Sim

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