The days of 2D selfies are over. Fyuse, a spatial photography app for iOS and Android, lets you create photos that are more immersive than your usual point-and-shoot fare. Simply hold out your phone before you, sweep across the scene as you would with a panoramic photo, and slap on a filter for good measure. Thereafter, you can swipe on the photo or tilt your phone to preview a 360-degree capture of the moment.

Fyuse captures more movement than a Gif or Flixel without gobbling as much space on your phone as a video would. Think of Fyuse as a 3D-powered tool that lets you bring to life the cinematic qualities of the moment and not just a nanosecond in time.    

While the app allows you to share your Fyuse snaps onto Facebook or Twitter, we would really like to see an Instagram-friendly update in time to come. Other than that, the app is a no-brainer to use and you'll be building your personal gallery of Fyuse moments in no time.