#SundayFunday: Highlights from the week

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#SundayFunday: Highlights from the week
What we loved this week: Discovering Victoria Cheng’s beauty regime, contemplating the virtues of gentrification, and uncovering Japan’s best-kept secrets

1. Eco chic

Discover the label that's revolutionising the fashion industry.

2. #JourneyToRadiance

The spotlight's on Victoria Cheng as she shares her skincare and lifestyle tips on how to get that confident glow.

3. Word association

Culture insider Tim De Cotta looks into the controversy surrounding gentrification and gives the word a new meaning.

4. Japan calling

These immersive tours will take you through lesser-known scenic landscapes and give you a serious yearning to visit the land of the rising sun.

5. Monkey madness

Keep time with the start of the lunar calendar by strapping on an artisanal chronometre dedicated to this year's Zodiac animal.



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Text: Angelyn Kwek

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