Snapchat, which has just released a pair of video camera-equipped sunglasses known as Spectacles, is looking to throw some serious shade on Google Glass. After Google's failed attempt at popularising their smart glasses, no other tech giant seemed eager to tag along for the ride. Up until now, that is. 

These smart shades allow you to record and post 10-second snaps

While everyone from Apple to Michael Kors is focused on making their smart watches smarter, Snapchat surprised the world with a slew of campy-looking glasses that perform just one function — record 10-second snaps at the tap of a button. Fitted with a video camera and 115-degree lens, Spectacles allow for hands-free recording of snaps and feature a circular module that lights up during a live recording. The snaps are pushed to the Memories section of your Snapchat feed via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. 

Besides launching its new range of hardware, the social media behemoth has also rebranded itself as Snap Inc..

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