Our lives are now complete. Season 4 of Orange Is the New Black is set to hit Netflix on 17 June. You could make plans to curl up in front of your laptop as you follow Piper's journey through the madness that is Litchfield Penitentiary, or better still — settle down for a prison-worthy meal, dubious grub and all. From June 16 to 17, incarcerate yourself at the Litchfield Penitentiary Cafeteria pop-up at Liat Towers and tuck into a feast fit for the likes of Crazy Eyes and Pennsatucky.   

orange is the new black prison food

Taking the place of prison cook Galina "Red" Reznikov is Chef Bjorn Shen of Bird Bird and Artichoke. With Shen at the helm, we reckon you'll be having more than soylent or insipid gruel. He has promised a revival of the nutraloaf — a penitentiary "classic" that takes three meals and blends them into one. Sounds...tasty? Be prepared to jostle with other inmate hopefuls for a seat in the canteen. 
Litchfield Penitentiary Cafeteria. 16-17 June 2016. 12-2pm (lunch) and 7-10pm (dinner). #01-01 Liat Towers, Overeasy. Bookings can be made via Chope