Christmas carols have started to play in the malls — a sure sign that the countdown to Christmas has begun. With the festive mood blooming in the air, there's no better time than now to start your day with a morning cuppa that sneaks in a little taste of Christmas. 

Nespresso festive limited edition variations

Sure, Starbucks might tempt with their sugar-laden pannetonne lattes, but we prefer a dark, aromatic treat from Nespresso. Their new limited edition variations pay homage to all our favourite flavours of the season. Almond and vanilla make for a power pairing in the Vanilla Amaretti capsule while dark chocolate is given a spicy edge in the Ciocco Ginger variation. For those who enjoy tasting an unorthodox pairing that works, opt for the Vanilla Cardamom variation which marries these flavours brilliantly. All variations are blended with Arabica coffee from South and Central America. 

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