Last month, when Google announced that their self-driving cars were ready to take on the roads in California, we knew it wouldn't take the automobile industry long to follow suit. If you thought hands-free driving was but a distant reality, you'll be pleasantly surprised. For one, Daimler has already been toying with the idea of putting their cars on auto-pilot mode, beginning with the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedan slated to hit the roads in March 2016.  

Bringing autonomous driving to the luxury car sector, the revamped Mercedes-Benz E-Class will allow drivers to cruise at speeds of up to 130km/h. Initial test-drives have shown the car successfully navigating bends in the road while responding to standard road signs with the help of in-built sensors and cameras. While it isn't quite ready to take on sharper turns, given the rate at which self-driving technology is developing, your next chauffeur might very well be your car itself.