Remember the time Dior created those impressive 3D-printed headsets that gave you backstage access to the makings of a fashion show? The possibilities offered by the world of virtual reality seem to be endless. Now, German automobile brand Audi has gotten in on the action, too. Instead of taking you backstage, they've created a experience powered by virtual reality technology that takes you all the way back to Singapore, circa 1965. 

An SG50 initiative, the drive begins with you strapping up in an Audi A6. You are then presented with headsets affixed with an LG G4 phone immersing you in the sights and sounds of old Singapore as you're driven around the historic civic district. To take a look at just how far the landscape has changed, lift up your headset at any time during the ride to toggle between the streets of old and new Singapore. With this unusual experience, Audi certainly takes the idea of a heritage tour to a whole new level. 

Keen to experience it for yourself? Audi Singapore's 'A Drive Back in Time' experience will run from 17 October to 25 October. To participate, register your interest here